FENRIS, s.r.o. is a Granite Mining Company of Kozárovická granite (granodiorit) known for more than 100 years for building blocks, cube paving, and sorted construction.

Kozárovická granite is mined around the village area of Kozárovice, which falls within the region of Central Bohemian (Sázavský) plutonium.


Fenris has, always, been focused on the production of quality granite elements of gross stone production. We produce mostly granite cubes for structural architecture and for paving roads, extremes, hakaks, regulating and flowerstone.  We also accommodate our customers with the production of certain atypical elements or dimensions.  The stone is processed on quality technologies of the Czech company GESTRA CZ.  For larger customers, Fenris is able to provide up to 1000 tons of made cubes per month if necessary. Every year, we extract approximately 15 to 18,000 tons of quarry.  At the beginning and end of the year, we also produce crushed material in basic fractures, i.e. 0 /32, 32/63 , 63/125, as well as certified 0/20 sieves suitable for fillers.


FENRIS, s.r.o. is a locally owned and operated company that values honesty and integrity. We specialize in Granite and offer a wide range of other granite supplies that we integrate with the pattern for a variety of other projects. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work as well as our commitment to outstanding results. We look forward to building lasting relationships and guarantee your satisfaction!


Since the early 1900 and during the Communist era of the Soviet Union our granite was used in the construction of the Vienna Parliament and other construction notable government houses and palaces sites in Europe.  In our Czech Republic, we can see it in the courtyard of Zvíkov Castle, in the Prague metro on the route "A" and "C" as tiles or tiles, on the staircase of the National Museum, and elsewhere major building.  


FENRIS Granite has a very unique medium graininess of blue-gray with frequent with distinguishable gray-black enclosed sits 2-10 cm.  It is a favorite design color for most outdoor use for building blocks, cube tiles, and rough stonework.  Favored by interior decorators for its subtle original pattern which is used mostly as cut tiles for floors of a large area with numerous movement of people.  It is a very sought-after quarry for Czech and foreign markets.